This project is a door that will open up a new era of digital pathology for me.

Hello, my name is Umay. I’m ESR11 at the CLARİFY Project. My role in the Project is evaluation of triple negative breast cancer for diagnostic and prognostic by digital pathology.

I’m from Turkey, I studied medicine at Marmara University in İstanbul which is the beautiful and famous city. Then I made residency in pathology in Kocaeli University, Kocaeli. It’s big and industrial city nearest the İstanbul. Because of industry, there are wide variety of cancer types. And I learned how can I diagnosis of uncommon type of cancers. My university is the famous in pituitary transsphenoidal operation and colon&gastric ESD resection and lumpectomy of breast cancer, so my experience about these section is very much.

During my residency I attended a lot of congress and courses about pathology. Digital pathology is the rising star for pathology as a new technology. And I became interested in digital pathology.

My thesis was on the topic of “Evaluation of IDH-1 mutation in glioblastoma cases by immunohistochemical and real-time PCR methods and its correlation with radiological findings“ which was the start of my interest for molecular pathology.

Fourth year of my residency, I searched a Project which is improve my knowledge about digital and molecular pathology. Then I saw the advertisement of Clarify Project. In ad, they looked for pathologist which is fourth year of resident, from non-EU citizen which never live in Norway and interested in molecular and digital pathology. I thought that It’s absolutely me. Last year, I applied the position ESR11 and a PhD student at Stavanger University at health and medicine in Norway. I decided to join because I really care about both molecular pathology of breast cancer and digital pathology.

I started working in January 2021, but I haven’t be able to gone to Norway yet, because of the pandemic. I am working abroad and expect the flight restrictions to be lifted.

This project is a door that will open up a new era of digital pathology for me. I’m very excited to develop my knowledge and experience on these subjects. I’m lucky to be a part of this project. Also, I’m honored to study with my supervisor Prof. Emiel Janssen and other researchers.

Umay kiraz – ESR11.