These exchange programs are essential for individuals working on multidisciplinary projects.

Today, Umay Kiraz, a Ph.D. student in Stavanger University Hospital, shares her experience in her secondment in Tyris Software and INCLIVA in Spain.

My first secondment was in Tyris Software (Figure 1) and my main goal was to learn more about the scientific work of Zahra (ESR9) who works on Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval (CBMIR). Since my first week, we had weekly meetings during these two months. After we had some meetings with Javier Oliver and Zahra, I started to collaborate on her project. It was a good chance to share our expertise in our fields and provide CBMIR relevant solutions in pathology practice. My role in that project was to provide a pathological perspective and evaluate some patches from dataset she was working on. The good news is that our results are promising and you will read our article soon.

My next secondment took place at the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (INCLIVA) where the theme of their research is Spitz tumor. I had a great opportunity to look at some whole slide images (WSI) of Spitz tumors with Carlos Monteagudo and Andres (ESR12) (Figure 2). Additionally, we examined skin biopsy slides under a light microscope. The diagnosis of benign and malignant skin tumors is complex and each has a unique way to diagnose. At this point, Carlos showed me these subtle clues. I was glad to discuss pathological cases with Andres every day at the hospital. This secondment allowed me to expand my knowledge of skin biopsies.

On the other side, the most important aspect of this exchange programs is to meet my Clarify colleagues both at our work and in spare time. I believe this is very necessary for individuals working on multidisciplinary projects. It facilitates the exchange of their knowledge and makes their project clearer.

I would like to thank all my friends and supervisors with whom I was working for new information, nice times and their hospitality.

Figure 1. Javier Oliver, Farbod Khoraminia (ESR10), Zahra Tabatabaei (ESR9) and Saul Fuster Navarro (ESR5)


Figure 2. Carlos Monteagudo and Andres Mosquera (ESR12)



Umay kiraz – ESR11.