I firmly believe that we should apply our knowledge and science in different aspects to increase the amenity of life for humans.

Hello there! I am Zahra Tabatabaei who is playing a significant role as ESR9 in CLARIFY project.


To introduce myself

I was born in Iran and raised in a mountainy and historical city, Hamedan. This is the reason that I am a big fan of mountain climbing. I’ve got my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Bu-Ali Sina University (BASU) and Hamedan University of Technology (HUT), respectively. As I am an adventurous person and I have a craving on finding new things, I keen on learning images because they are working just like a door to a wonderful world. As I tried to be like Alice in Wonderland, I’ve started working on Digital Image Processing (DIP) during my master’s to increase the accuracy of classifying hyperspectral images. During my master, I was teaching Python, MATLAB, Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL), DIP, etc. in a wide diversity of online and offline courses and also some extra courses at HUT and BASU in these topics.

Why did I apply for CLARIFY?

I firmly believe that we should apply our knowledge and science in different aspects to increase the amenity of life for humans. By reading the advertising of the project I realized that this is going to be an optimum way to address a problem in the health care process and it may save a large number of human lives. So, On September 8, 2020, I applied for a position at the CLARIFY project and I have registered as a Ph.D. student at Universitat Politècnica de València in the field of health and well-being, in Valencia.


In my opinion, life is not just working, studying, money and like on!  Life is LIFE.  We are working, studying, and getting money to find the main meaning of real life! To find how can be a real human! And enjoy it! During our life, in all different aspects of that, professional or personal, we need a leader, we need guides! And it would be nice if one leader can consider all sides.

Hopefully, in whole my life I am faced nice people who I can learn from them! And this project is not an exception!

In CLARIFY, I have a chance to work with Dr. Javier Oliver Moll and with his awesome group at Tyris-Software. He is a Founder & CEO at Tyris Software, expert in Digital transformation. If I want to illustrate him in a brief, he is a patient man with a motto! STEP by STEP! Step by step he helps others to thrive for their goals, to achieve their dreams! How nice that I can learn from him to find my way to the besties in all aspects of life, to smile to life, and fight for my aims happily.😊

NOW, this is me who is working on Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) as ESR9 to work on Spitzoid cancer.

Let’s climb and go up to reach this remarkable mountain in pathology and engineering.

Alam-kuh, IRAN.

Zahra Tabatabei – ESR9.