Secondments among multinational, multisectoral, and interdisciplinary boards enrich my life and enhance knowledge sharing for research.

Yuandou Wang is Early-Stage Research (ESR) 2 of the CLARIFY project at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA).


Insights sharing among multinational, multisectoral, and interdisciplinary domains is of high importance for researchers to exchange research ideas and build up networking for research purposes. This year, I visited three institutes as a guest student, made new friends and learned a lot from people who are here.

The first journey I had for secondment is BMDlab at UiS, led by Professor Kjersti Engan. Here we explored potential collaborations between workflow technologies and AI applications on a Cloud-based Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for medical use cases. We want to apply the VRE system to help researchers and /or AI model developers to efficiently conduct their scientific experiments by increasing the parallelism for model training part. In this context, I was closely discussing about the system with Saul (ESR5) and trying the working system with his model architecture. In addition, we had regular meeting to discuss about workflow technologies and AI pipelines in real-world application scenarios, such as the overview of the image analysis pipeline for WSI acquisition, pre-processing, modeling, post-processing, and final predicts for diagnosis. In this context, I was closely working together with Neel (ESR4). And we also visited the university hospital SUH to get close know about how the whole slide images (WSIs) were acquisited from hospital.

Emiel, Neel (ESR4), Yuandou (ESR2) and Umay (ESR11) at university hospital SUH.

Clarify social event in Stavager. Kjersti, Trygve, Saul (ESR5), Umay (ESR11), Yuandou (ESR2), Jiahui (ESR3), Chunming, and Neel (ESR4).


The second secondment took place in bitYoga, led by Professor Chunming Rong. Here I was collaborating with Jiahui (ESR3). we discussed a lot of ideas about blockchain, cloud computing, and workflow technologies for certain use cases. We both shared our individual co-supervised students’ projects at universities. I also had opportunity to work together with Jiahui about cloud computing and blockchain.

Sulaiman, Jiahui (ESR3), Neel (ESR4), Chunming, and Yuandou (ESR2) at UiS.

My third trip was Tyris in Spain. I was working with Zahra (ESR9) who works on content-based medical image retrieval and Umay (ESR11) who is a pathologist. I learned a lot from Zahra by the collaboration work — Federated Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval and got know more about how the FL ecosystem could be. I met with CLARIFY friends here and enjoyed a lot in Spain!

Yuandou (ESR2) and Zahra (ESR9), and their whiteboard at Tyris.

Yuandou (ESR2), Umay (ESR11), Zahra (ESR9), and Saul (ESR5) in the Tyris meeting room

Yuandou Wang – ESR2