CLARIFY is spectacular in its multidisciplinary concoction of blockchain technology and cloud computing.

I’m Neel, an ESR fascinated by the development of novel technologies in the healthcare setting


Nowadays, we are moving with digitization faster than ever before. Public sectors along with hospitals are being incorporated with automated digital systems. Artificial Intelligence systems have become crucial in the health sector and this fact can be correlated with the ratio of the number of cancer patients and pathologists produced every year around the globe. Digital pathology has numerous advantages such as easier diagnosis, quantification and cheaper storage. The use of AI algorithms for medical imaging is growing and expected to grow further at 13.2% at CAGR with a total market of around $35 billion by 2025.

I started my academics in electrical engineering at National University Karachi with emphasis on signal processing and finished bachelor program with the distinction of the silver medalist. I had not been good at deliberately pushing my limits to get beyond contemporaries. I commenced my career in academia as a laboratory engineer with partial teaching responsibilities.  I worked for two years at National University of Emerging Sciences Karachi before pursuing a master’s degree. I knew the ins and outs of securing outreach scholarships and with that, I secured admission in Computer networks engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. I slightly drifted my interests in signal processing from developing hardware to building algorithms for models in the data processing.

During my secondary education, I was curious about playing with a compound microscope in biology classes to investigate microscopic organisms drawn in the textbook. Perhaps, I never thought of working with digital pathology and observing cellular structures with such care. My research work at Links Foundation turned as a seed to carry out further exploration of AI models for health technologies. I was familiar with the popularity of Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions on account of plentiful networking possibilities within the consortium. CLARIFY is spectacular in its multidisciplinary concoction of blockchain technology and cloud computing

I applied with great profundity at the University of Stavanger owing to the description of the project and its astounding applications in near future. I believe that there is a huge need for formulating standard pipelines and methods to solve the complexity of metadata structures arising from different sources. The anonymized data computing in a digital cancer diagnosis system can help in role-based sharing. These digital systems may administer medical images at the local hospital’s repositories and use the cloud to predict prognostic information about patients.


First day of starting job as a Lab Engineer (2015)                           Park close to Politecnico di Torino after graduation (2020)

First visit to Stavanger centre (2020)

Neel Kanwal – ESR4.